My favourite Caribbean islands destinations — for my future retirement

List of my favourite Caribbean destinations and where I would like to live in retirement

It would be everyone’s dream, and mine especially, to live where others go on vacation.

I imagine myself sitting on a beach chair in the Caribbean watching the sunset with a beer in my hand while listening to Dion’s “The wanderer” in background.

The Caribbean would be one of those destinations where, if you get lost or your cell phone no longer works or does not take the internet, it’s still ok … it would be better!

I travel a lot for work and would be willing to go back and forth between the Caribbean and Europe thanks to cheap flight sites like this one.

So… let’s start:

  1. Cayman Islands

It’s more of a thing I’ve had since I was a kid. Maybe because there was a lot of talk about the Cayman Islands in every banking finance film.

2. Curacao

3. Aruba

4. Bahamas

5. St. Maarten

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