Chinese New Year holidays and global e-commerce consequences

Lorenzo D3 Donato
2 min readJan 26, 2022

Chinese New Year will slow down exports and sales — possible cases (in my opinion)

Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring is an event that takes place every year but on different dates … It is different from our December 31st.

Many warehouses I work with in China have reported delays to me in a period between February 26th and January 7th. That is too long to be able to turn your thumbs.

The good news, not very productive, would be that I will be on vacation for almost 2 weeks. But time is money …

Every year comes the Chinese New Year and I, like many other intermediaries or manufacturers or suppliers, sadly forget it. Paying the consequences.

In fact, orders received up to 10 minutes ago will start on February 5–6. Consequently 20–45% of orders will go to the refund folder. Who would wait for a package to be dispatched after 2 weeks of purchase and then wait 14–28 days for delivery? I DO NOT.

So from midnight on February 27th I stopped all operations, it is the only way to save the face of the company.

Not only suppliers but also post offices and couriers.

China stops … and the world with it.

Happy Chinese New Year 2022
Year of the Tiger … let’s hope

Lorenzo De Donato




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